Some may consider it unfortunate, but it is that time of year again: time to winterize your plumbing pipes. This is a process that prepares commercial and residential property pipes for freezing temperatures that may cause leaks or breaks. It’s better to prepare now before it’s too late. 

When the water in pipes freezes from weather conditions, it expands and becomes ice, producing pressure within the pipes. To prevent damage, start off by installing the Arrowhead Brass freeze-proof ICEBREAKER. Our freeze-proof hydrants utilize our patented vent that prevents the hydrant from rupturing if water freezes in the hydrant during cold temperatures. If bursting occurs, the ICEBREAKER vent cap will burst to protect the wall hydrant from damage. The vent cap is easily replaceable and can even be used to upgrade existing Arrowhead Brass 420-series frost-proof hydrants.

Additionally, winterizing your plumbing includes:

  1. Shutting off the main water valve, the water pump, and the water heater. When there is no water in the tank, this will protect the heating elements inside the heater. 
  2. Open all drain valves and taps to ensure no water is being withheld. Any closed taps may result in a vacuum that will hold water in the pipes.
  3. In your holding tank, make sure all the water is drained, especially in the rubber diaphragm.
  4. Check sinks and bathtub drains for drain traps. Adding some antifreeze to them can prevent water from freezing and/or cracking in the traps. 
  5. Flush toilets as much as you can to remove water from the tanks and bowls, If needed, add antifreeze as a preventative for freezing water.  
  6. In your hot water tank, be sure to open the drain and let the water discharge until empty. Be careful if you don’t have a floor drain. 

If you feel you don’t have the skills or necessary equipment, reach out to a professional. In the meantime, ensure that your pipes are ready for the winter season with the help of Arrowhead Brass’ freeze-proof ICEBREAKER wall hydrant. Find yours at and prevent future water damage!