What are your summer plans? Do you have plans to be outdoors, go swimming, play ball, ride bikes, visit friends or family and do all the fun things we can do while the weather is warm. Whatever your plans, preparing your home for higher traffic in the summer is a must-do to help prevent costly future repairs. 

As the traffic in your home starts to pick up with kids on school break and family and friends over for parties, there will be more flushed toilets, more clothes to wash, and more dishes to clean. Water hoses tend to get used more in the summer to fill pools, wash cars, sprinkle the lawn, and water flowers. On top of that, more showers are taken during these active days and warmer summer months.

Plumbing issues can arise and range from something simple to more complex. Getting a jumpstart by anticipating the most common plumbing problems and learning how to prevent them will save you time, hassle, and money—giving you more time to spend with your family and friends this summer.

The best time for you to check for leaks is in the summer, when water flows more freely and isn’t impeded by the cooler winter conditions. Summer is the best time to inspect the plumbing inside and outside your home. Keep an eye out for rust, leaks, corrosion, broken parts, or other signs of trouble. Use a flashlight to check underneath cabinets and any dark corners. Check faucets, pipes under sinks, bathtub fixtures, showerheads, drinking water lines, water heaters, outdoor spigots, lawn or irrigation sprinklers, pool, etc. 

With all of the summer activities your shower, washer, and other utilities will see, it’s very important your water pressure is maintained well. You can check and measure this yourself with a store-bought gauge to make sure your household pressure is about 40-45 pounds per square inch and does not exceed 60 psi. On top of checking your water pressure, make sure to locate your main water shutoff in case of any home water emergency. 

An easy way to start your summer inspection is with your washing machine, supply lines, and other parts. Check for bulges, cracks, water, mold, mildew, or other evidence that something is getting wet. Consider replacing your hose with an Arrowhead Brass stainless steel hose since it is more robust and lasts longer than rubber ones. Our stainless steel supply lines can be found at www.arrowheadbrass.com.

Summer brings lots of fresh fruit and vegetables into your house, and growing your own makes them even better. Start preparing your summer garden now, and be sure you have the correct irrigation equipment to keep the water flowing all summer long. Using a lead-free hose bib or spigot can help you keep your family healthy all year long. Check out our selection of lead-free hose bibs on our website www.arrowheadbrass.com. 

Warm weather months are the perfect time to address and fix any issues before it gets cold again but don’t forget to enjoy your summer too! For more information on our supply lines, irrigation, and your other plumbing needs, visit our website at www.arrowheadbrass.com.