Summer can be one of the most challenging times of the year when it comes to maintaining lawns and growing plants. As the temperatures increase, your soil and plants begin to dry out a bit quicker. If that hot, dry weather lasts longer than expected, it could seriously damage your plants, flowers, garden, etc. To keep your plants and lawn alive, you should implement smart watering measures as a precaution. 

Of all the plants affected by the summer season, some are more highly affected. Determine your high-risk plants and prioritize them at the top of your maintenance list. These high-risk plants could be newly planted shrubs and trees, newly planted perennials, flower beds, and those plants showing dehydration symptoms. Wilting, yellowing of the leaves, and browning of the leaf edges are some of the most common signs of plant dehydration. Provide immediate watering to those plants in need. 

Consistency with your watering is the best way to keep your plants and lawn alive. Some other watering tips you can utilize to increase your water efficiency during the summer season are:

  1. Understand the water restrictions your community may have. Even though these restrictions may be hard on your lawn and plants, you could avoid enduring costly problems. Learning your community’s watering rules can help you better understand the frequency of how often you can water your plants. 
  2. To avoid water evaporation and decrease the development of plant diseases, it is more efficient to sprinkle your lawn and plants earlier in the morning. If you need to update your impulse or pop-up sprinklers, visit for various irrigation products. 

A much simpler way to maintain your garden is to install an irrigation system. During sweltering days, roof deck gardens will need water twice a day as the water seeps through the planters and dries out quickly. Irrigation systems give even water distribution much more accurately than watering by hand or using a sprinkler. Additionally, you can create zones for specialized watering with different amounts, at different times, several times a day, or every other day.

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