July is Smart Irrigation Month and the perfect opportunity for homeowners to review how efficiently their irrigation system is working. Irrigation systems that are working at peak performance will not only help keep your yard healthy but also offer benefits to our environment and help with water conservation in drought-sensitive areas. One of the easiest ways to observe smart irrigation month is to inspect your irrigation system to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible.  

Irrigation maintenance is important for your lawn to thrive and to help reduce the amount of water wasted. To help you ensure your system is working well, Champion Irrigation offers a variety of repair kits and upgrade options to help make upkeep easy. From sprinkler fittings to valve replacement kits to upgrading your sprinklers to a pressure-regulated sprinkler, we’ve got you covered. Note that these repair/rebuild kits only work with our Champion irrigation products.

Pressure-regulated sprinklers are one of the simplest ways to upgrade your irrigation system. Many states are now requiring homeowners to use pressure-regulated sprinklers to help control the flow of water when watering lawns. PR sprinklers reduce the amount of atmospheric water loss to help conserve water and provide a more even spray pattern. Keeping your lawn healthier. The Champion Irrigation FP4-PR 4” pop-up sprinkler is WaterSense certified and is made of impact-resistant ABS.  

Your irrigation system may have a  manual anti-siphon valve attached to help protect municipal drinking water by preventing backflow.  The Champion Irrigation  RK-41C and 7C series repair kits help keep your anti-siphon valve working properly. The 41C series is a 3/4″ Brass Anti-Siphon Cap that replaces the cap on Champion 466-075Y series anti-siphon valves and 262-075Y & 362-075Y Series atmospheric vacuum breakers. The 7C series are our vacuum breaker rebuild kits. These two anti-siphon repair kits can be found here

Calcium and other mineral deposits can cause your anti-siphon assembly to become stiff and unresponsive. If your anti-siphon valve assembly needs to be replaced we offer the RK9-30C(466 series valve), and the RK-31C (466 series valve). 

Actuators are used in irrigation systems to start and stop water from flowing through the supply channel outlets to your sprinklers… The actuator on your irrigation system may not be working properly if the valve is worn out, the solenoid wires are no longer connecting or the diaphragm is brittle. Depending on the type of actuator you have on your system (classic or brass compact)  we offer classic, old-style Champion Irrigation actuator rebuild kits, and compact actuator rebuild kits. You will need to know if your actuator was manufactured pre-2004, post-2004 – 2016, or from 2016 to present. Here is a list of the different types of actuator rebuild kits we offer:

A simple repair is replacing the bleed screws on your actuator. Luckily, Champion Irrigation offers those as well! The RK-29C can be used for the Champion Irrigation Classic (CL) actuator or compact (AA, AB) actuator, or other automatic valves. You can find our bleed screw replacements here.

During smart irrigation month, a little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your irrigation system up and running and helps conserve one of our most precious resources. Simple updates and repairs are key to ensuring your irrigation system continues to perform and function properly. In the occurrence of a repair/rebuild needed in your irrigation system, Champion Irrigation has your back with our wide variety of kits. Visit this link for a list of all that we offer!