Champion Irrigation V-19-466

The Champion Irrigation V-19-466 series anti-siphon valve bodies provide backflow protection for your water supply. The V-19-466 series is compatible with any add-on automatic actuator.


V-19-466 features:

  • Reliable brass anti-siphon valve body with backflow prevention
  • Full-size waterways for low-pressure loss
  • Flow range: 5-35 GPM
  • Operating pressure 25-150 PSI
  • Not designed for constant pressure applications


Available Models:

V-19-466-075Y: 3/4″ body, with outlet union
V-19-466-100Y: 1″ body, with outlet union
V-19-466P-075Y: 3/4″ body, no union
V-19-466P-100Y: 1″ body, no union


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