Champion Irrigation P191P

The Champion Irrigation P191P series plastic shrub sprinklers with filters are made from impact-resistant ABS construction with ½” female national pipe thread (NPT).


P191P Series features:

  • Impact-resistant ABS construction
  • Inlet: ½” female NPT
  • Operating pressure: 15 – 30 PSI
  • Spacing: 5’ – 15’
  • Flow rate: 0.2 – 4.0 GPM


Available Models:

P191PSF: Plastic Shrub with Full Circle Spray Nozzle and Filter
P191PSH: Plastic Shrub with Half Circle Spray Nozzle and Filter
P191PSQ: Plastic Shrub with 1-Quarter Circle Spray Nozzle and Filter
P191PASA: Plastic Shrub with Adjustable Spray Arc Nozzle and Filter