Champion Irrigation 15 Series

The Champion Irrigation 15 series plastic sprinkler nozzles with adjustable flow. Compatible with most brand spring pop-up sprinklers and ½” male national pipe thread (NPT) sprinkler stems.


15 series features:

  • Impact-resistant ABS construction
  • Sold in packs of 2, includes filters
  • Fits Champion Irrigation and most brands’ pop-up and shrub sprinkler bodies
  • Stainless steel flow adjustment screw
  • 11’ – 15’ spacing


Available Models:

15F-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, Full Circle, 2-pack with filters
15H-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, Half Circle, 2-pack with filters
15-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, 1-Quarter Circle, 2-pack with filters
153Q-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, 3-Quarter Circle, 2-pack with filters
15T-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, 1-Third Circle, 2-pack with filters
15ES-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, End Strip Spray (4′ x 12′), 2-pack with filters
15CS-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, Center Strip Spray (4′ x 24′), 2-pack with filters
15SS-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, Side Strip Spray (4′ x 24′), 2-pack with filters
15ASA-C: Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle, Adjustable Spray Arc (25 – 360 degrees), 2-pack with filters