Arrowhead Brass 258

Arrowhead Brass 258 straight log lighter valves are made of high-quality bronze construction. Valves are rated to 154,000 BTU at 1.0” water column and have a Teflon seat washer. All Arrowhead Brass log lighter valves are tested at 100 PSI.

258 features:

  • High-quality bronze construction
  • ½” female iron pipe (FIP) connection with 5/16 square drive loose key stem, straight configuration
  • Valves are rated to 154,000 BTU at 1.0” water column
  • Teflon seat washer
  • Every valve is tested at 100 PSI
  • Log lighter bar has three ½” IPS inlets with two countersunk plugs
  • “KIT” models include valve, flange, key, and log lighter bar
  • “LP” models include liquid propane adapter
  • “PB” models include polished finish key and flange

Available Models:

  • 258: Log Lighter Valve, Key & Flange
  • 258NC: Log Lighter Valve Only (No Key or Flange)
  • 258LP: Liquid Propane Adapter
  • 258PB: Log Lighter Valve with Polished Brass Key & Flange
  • 258KIT: With Log Lighter Bar
  • 258LPKIT: Valve, key, flange, propane adapter & log lighter bar
  • 258PBKIT: Valve, polished finish key & flange, and log lighter bar

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