Whether for your business or home, proper and efficient irrigation is essential to your water utilization. You will get the desired results with a reliable, fully functioning irrigation system. Following the preparation guide and suggested products below will ensure your irrigation system is ready for the summer. 

The first step is to test your sprinkler heads. Start with a test cycle for your sprinklers to determine if there is any sprinkler head damage. If you have sprinklers less than ten years old, there should be an easy test option to run through each irrigation zone. If you have a broken sprinkler head, consider upgrading to the new Champion Irrigation FP4 pop-up pressure-regulated sprinkler or adding a PR30 pressure regulator adapter to your current system. 

Second, identify any water flow issues. One of the most common reasons for broken sprinkler heads is lawnmowers – once you’ve fixed your sprinkler, be sure you set your lawnmower height to one that will preserve your sprinkler and irrigation system. If you have a damaged sprinkler head, you’ll see the problem almost immediately as the water shoots out uncontrollably instead of in the usual controlled manner. The sprinkler head could also have hard water minerals, dirt, or mulch stuck in it. If this is the case, you’ll see decreased water flow and can easily clean the heads out from the inside. Also, check the rubber seals on your sprinklers to ensure they are not leaking. If the leaking water starts flowing like a river, it will need replacing.

Finally, inspect your grass and look for brown areas instead of the usual green. You’ll need to adjust or replace your sprinkler heads to help water reach those dying areas. On the contrary, if you notice parts of your grass looking swampy, you may have a leak, or your irrigation system needs to be programmed correctly to reduce the time your yard is being watered. 

It is essential to be aware of your irrigation system’s condition as we enter warmer weather. Reviewing the health of your irrigation system is a simple DIY project, or you can seek an expert’s help. Champion Irrigation has everything you need when it is time to upgrade or replace your irrigation system. Check out our irrigation products – like the new FP4 or PR30 – and other rough plumbing valves for your home or multifamily unit at arrowheadbrass.com!