Fall is approaching, and summer is quickly coming to a close. And while preparing your home for fun fall festivities may be top of mind, preparing your plumbing for the upcoming winter months should be as well. To ensure your home’s plumbing is in tip-top shape for the fall season, check out our essential fall plumbing preparation list and consider some upgrades!

Leak Checks

With warmer weather comes more time spent outside, so you may have overlooked your home’s interior plumbing. Check for pipes that may have “sprung a leak” over the past few months. Even something minuscule could cause your water bill to go up or cause flooding down the road. If you have a new leak and need a quick repair consider using one of Arrowhead Brass’ push-to-connect push-fittings to make leaky pipe repairs easy. Find them on our website here.

Outdoor Hoses and Pipe Insulation

Early Fall is the time to detach your garden hoses and begin prepping your hose bibs and hydrants for cooler weather. Any water remaining in your hydrant or pipes can cause severe damage to your interior and exterior walls, so be sure to completely drain any leftover water. Damage prevention is made easy with the Arrowhead Brass freeze-proof ICEBREAKER wall hydrant. Consider upgrading your existing wall hydrant to protect your home from burst pipes and severe water damage. 

 Also, consider insulating any pipes that are exposed or not in a heated wall. According to the Department of Energy, insulated water pipes remain two to four degrees warmer. Helping you save money during cooler months. Insulating your pipes in areas such as uninsulated loft spaces or basements can also help prevent costly damage later.

Water Heater Maintenance 

We all want to enjoy a warm shower or bath in the cooler months and avoid an icy wake-up call! An essential preparation for the fall is to service your water heater for any issues before it’s too late. Your water heater has to work extra hard to keep your water hot as we move into colder seasons. Look for signs such as:

  • Your water is taking longer to warm up
  • Discoloration of your water
  • or, low water pressure when bathing or using warm water. 

If you see any of these signs schedule an appointment to save yourself time and money with issues that could arise down the road. 

Fixture Inspections

The fixtures in our homes go through unavoidable wear and tear through the years. By being proactive and ensuring there aren’t visible cracks or clogs, you can help your fixtures last. When doing your fall maintenance check, be sure to look under your sinks and behind your toilets at the angle and straight stop valves. These will sometimes wear out and need replacing. Arrowhead Brass has a large selection of supply stop valves for any replacement you may need. Also, be sure to inspect your washing machine valves and upgrade them if needed to one of our lead-free options. Find the correct washing machine valves for the upgrade you’ve been waiting to do on our website. 

Whatever Fall repairs or upgrades your home may need, Arrowhead Brass has the perfect lead-free valves for your home. Learn more about our freeze-proof wall hydrants, lead-free stop valves, and more for your repair/upgrade at arrowheadbrass.com!