Can you imagine a world without clean water? Clean water is vital for our everyday activities and having clean water sources is important for the environment. August is National Water Quality Month and is dedicated to making the most of the little fresh water we have. Having clean water is important for you and your family’s health and we believe that begins with how water is delivered to your home. 

To help promote Water Quality Month we’re testing your knowledge on the importance of lead-free plumbing products and what lead-free products can prevent. Take our quick quiz and let us know how you do! (answers provided below) 

  1. When was the Safe Drinking Water Act first enacted?
    1. 1979
    2. 1981
    3. 1974
  2. Using lead-free plumbing products can help prevent which of the following in children:
    1. Damage to the brain and nervous system
    2. Slowed growth and development
    3. Learning and behavior problems
    4. Hearing and speech problems
    5. All of the above
  3. Lead-free means no more than what % of lead?
    1. .25%
    2. .35%
    3. .45%
  4. How many Arrowhead Brass plumbing products are lead-free?
    1. Under 500
    2. Over 1,000
    3. Around 700
  5. The range of lead pipe service lines carrying water to homes and businesses across all 50 states in the US is between 9.7 million to 12.8 million pipes.
    1. True
    2. False
  6. Sources of lead in drinking water can be found in…
    1. Lead service line
    2. Copper pipe with lead solder
    3. Faucets
    4. Galvanized pipes
    5. Lead good necks 
    6. All of the above

To help reduce lead exposure to you and your family, it is critical to upgrade your plumbing valves to products that meet Safe Drinking Water Act. By replacing older interior and exterior valves found in your garden, outside your home, and in your kitchen and bathroom, you can create a safer environment for everyone in your home. Arrowhead Brass is proud to offer over 1,000 options to help you do just that!  More about our lead-free initiative and products can be found on our website

Answers: c,e,a,b,a,f

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