If you’re like most people, you don’t think about how the different #plumbing products in our homes and yards affect our daily lives. Yet these products play an essential part in how we live. Check out how these six Arrowhead Brass and Champion Irrigation products bring water (and sometimes gas) to your world!

  1. WM50F-Washing Machine Valve
    1. Want to keep your little superhero’s cape shiny and new looking? The Arrowhead Brass WM50F washing machine valve is the perfect way to do this. The WM50F is compatible with various piping for your washing machine to get the job done. It is lead-free and used for hot or cold-water systems. The WM50F has a ½” FIP x ¾” male hose thread (MHT) connection. Check out the WM50F and other Arrowhead Brass washing machine valves here.
  2. FP4 – Pressure Regulated Sprinkler
    1. Our Champion Irrigation pressure-regulated pop-up sprinkler gives your dog a green space for outdoor zoomies! The Champion Irrigation FP4 series 4″ pop-up sprinklers are made from impact-resistant ABS construction with ½” national pipe thread (NPT). It works with Champion Irrigation and other brands’ plastic sprinkler nozzles and has a ratcheting stem for adjustable spray and flow rate. The FP4 makes sure your fur babies get the green space they deserve! (and for states like California, Colorado, Washington, Washington D.C., and others, it meets their pressure-regulated sprinkler requirements). Learn more about the FP4.
  3. GB75F– Gas Ball Valve
    1. Who loves summertime s’more making? The Arrowhead Brass GB75F gas ball valve, enhances your s’more-making game. The GB75F ¾” female iron pipe (FIP) x ¾” female iron pipe (FIP) connection and is perfect for outdoor or indoor gas fireplaces. Get more info on the GB75F here.
  4. HS25C25C-20 – Ice Maker Supply Line
    1. We all love a cold drink in the summer, but without an ice maker supply line, you’d have to get your ice the old-fashioned way! Arrowhead Brass stainless steel supply lines are perfect for the ice machine you’ve wanted to install or the upgrade you’ve been putting off! These braided stainless steel supply lines are 20 inches long. The HS25C25C-20 is lead-free and has a 1/4″ compression x 1/4″ compression connection. Here’s your sign to learn more about Arrowhead Brass supply lines today!
  5. ICEBREAKER-Freeze-Proof Wally Hydrant
    1. One of our best-selling products is the ICEBREAKER. The ICEBREAKER is a one-of-a-kind freeze-proof wall hydrant that protects your home from the damage of your pipes freezing in colder weather. It has a patented blue venting mechanism that will burst outside your wall to prevent water damage inside your home. The ICEBREAKER is made of lead-free brass and copper construction, and the vent is easily replaceable with the PK-ICE. You can also upgrade your current Arrowhead Brass 420 series hydrant with the ICEBREAKER upgrade kit – UK-ICE. Find out how the ICEBREAKER can help protect one of your most important assets here.
  6. SL14-ST– Select-A-Length Universal Stem Replacement Kit
    1. Have you got an old, worn-out hydrant stem? Homeowners and DIYers can easily replace certain Arrowhead Brass frost-proof hydrant stems with the Arrowhead Brass Select-A-Length stem replacement kit. This stem replacement kit is lead-free and compatible with standard (SL14-ST) and anti-siphon (SL14-AS) Arrowhead Brass wall hydrants. No need to remove the existing hydrant when replacing the stem. Replacing your stem is easier than you think because the SL14-ST and SL14-AS kit includes instructions, tools, and a template. We make replacing your hydrant stem easy with this DIY product. Find it on our website here.

Are you interested in any of these or any other Arrowhead Brass products? Contact our sales team today! Or find our Arrowhead Brass and Champion product portfolios at arrowheadbrass.com!