Arrowhead Brass Signs Multi-Year Deal With NASCAR – Launches Arrow-Up Award


Los Angeles, California / February 8, 2022 / — Arrowhead Brass, a leading US-based global
manufacturer of quality lead-free plumbing and irrigation products has announced the signing
of a multi-year agreement as a NASCAR Contingency Sponsor in both the Xfinity Series and
Camping World Truck Series. As part of the agreement, the company will present the
Arrowhead Brass “Arrow Up” award at each race, recognizing the driver who improves the
most positions from start to finish.

“Arrowhead Brass is excited to be involved with NASCAR as a Contingency Sponsor and to
launch the new ‘Arrow Up’ award that recognizes outstanding on-track performance
throughout the racing season,” says Jim Kapparos, Managing Director of Marketing and Sales at
Arrowhead Brass.

“For over 86 years, our company’s values of teamwork, dedication, and customer commitment
have helped make Arrowhead Brass a staple of quality for generations in American homes,”
adds Kapparos. “As a longtime NASCAR fan, I admire the extraordinary commitment to
teamwork and excellence that these dedicated NASCAR teams demonstrate each weekend. As
a proud sponsor of the Arrowhead Brass ‘Arrow Up’ award, we look forward to showcasing the
driver at each event who keeps NASCAR fans at the edge of their seats by charging through the
field to compete for the checkered flag.”

About the Arrowhead Brass “Arrow Up” Award
Arrowhead Brass will present an “Arrow Up” award at each race in both the NASCAR Xfinity
Series and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Each event’s award will go to the
participating driver (i.e. displaying the Arrowhead Brass contingency decal on the car) who
improves the most positions from the start of the race to their finishing position. In the event
of a tie between drivers, the award will go to the driver who finishes at the higher position.

At the end of the 2022 race season, the driver who has won the most weekly “Arrow Up”
awards throughout the season will be named the 2022 Arrowhead Brass “Arrow Up” Champion.
An award will be given in both the NASCAR Xfinity Series and the NASCAR Camping World Truck
Series. In the event of a tie between drivers, the driver with the highest NASCAR points total
will capture the season award in each series.

About Arrowhead Brass
Arrowhead Brass is a leading US-based manufacturer of lead-free plumbing valves and irrigation
products with over 1,000 lead-free products in its portfolio. Headquartered in Los Angeles,
California, Arrowhead Brass has become one of the leading plumbing manufacturers of exterior
and interior plumbing products for high-end professional builders and homeowners.
The company’s mission is to provide the highest-quality lead-free plumbing products available
on the market today, helping to reduce the risk to families worldwide, while allowing
Arrowhead Brass to become a true lead-free leader. For more information, visit:


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