The patented Arrow-Breaker® technology is the only fully integrated valve that provides backflow prevention without an add-on device. The Arrow-Breaker® utilizes an integrated vacuum breaker to protect from contaminants and is available in hose bibs, sillcocks, garden valves, and frost-proof hydrants.

  • Improved appearance and quieter operation
  • Increases flow rate and improved pressure
  • Reduced cost per unit compared to valves with add-on devices
    prevents water hammer – banging pipes – caused by other anti-siphon devices
  • A permanent protection device that cannot be removed
  • ASSE 1011 & 1019 anti-siphon certified by IAPMO
  • All Arrow-Breaker® products come with a distinctive orange tag

Arrowhead QuickTurn®

QuickTurn logo for Arrowhead Brass products

The Arrowhead QuickTurn® style hose bibs and hydrants provide easy operation and flow control in one easy turn. Utilizing the same components as our regular valves, the QuickTurn® technology provides the same features as most “quarter-turn” valves without sacrificing quality or low flow.

  • Easy on/off operation without letting go of the handle
  • Quick half-turn operation with complete flow control
  • No ceramic cartridge or hefty device that restricts flow or that can be easily damaged.
  • Utilizes the same design as all other Arrowhead Brass hose bibs and hydrants without our exclusive, maintenance-free
  • O-ring style one-piece bonnet and stem
  • Available add-on for all standard and no-kink hose bibs and solid-flange sillcocks
  • Included on all Arrowhead Brass 420, 460 Arrow-Breaker®, and 470 Freeze-Proof® series wall hydrants
  • Look for the “QT”

O-Ring Seals

For over 10-years, Arrowhead Brass has been utilizing the high-quality O-ring seal design on almost all of our products. The majority of other valve manufacturers continue to use graphite or “PTFE” packing rings that require a two-piece bonnet and packing nut design, leading to constant maintenance and may develop leaks. The Arrowhead Brass O-ring design eliminates the two-part design with a single O-ring seal bonnet. Advantages of this exclusive design include:

  • No packing nut adjustments
  • No-leak bonnet seal around the stem
  • Smoother operation
  • Backward compatible with all vintage Arrowhead Brass products