Q: My new PK1390 vacuum breaker will not go on my frost-proof wall hydrant. Do you have one that is larger?

A: It depends on the type of frost-proof wall hydrant you have installed. To identify which frost-proof wall hydrant series you have installed, visit this link [insert a link to frost-proof wall hydrant id sheet/page] or contact our technical support team. If you have a 480 series wall frost-proof wall hydrant, the PK1390 will only attach if the top section with 1-1/16” fine threads has been removed. If your threads measure 1-3/16” fine threads in diameter, you will need to remove the top section of the original vacuum breaker from your faucet. To do so, use a pair of channel locks or vise grips to secure the faucet in place another to grip the top brass section and unthread (twist to the left). Once removed, a new PK1390 will be able to attach to the faucet’s 1-1/16fine threads.

Q: My frost-proof wall hydrant is only a few months old. Why is it leaking out the little hole below the handle?

A: The small hole below the handle on your frost-proof wall hydrant is called a weep hole. This hole allows back-pressure relief when water is siphoning into your water supply. The frost-proof wall hydrant is equipped with an anti-siphon device that prevents back-pressure from siphoning the water in the hose and a wall frost-proof wall hydrant that can contaminate your household water supply. When back-pressure or backflow occurs, the siphoning water will “weep” from the hole by the handle rather than into your water supply.

Q: Where can I purchase replacement parts?

A: You will soon be able to purchase replacement parts for Arrowhead Brass and Champion Irrigation products and our Arrowhead Push-Fittings line on our website, arrowheadbrass.com. Currently, our part kits and replacement parts are available at a variety of online and in-store retailers.

Q: What does “ASSE 1019-A” mean?

A: ASSE 1019 is an industry standard that establishes the design and performance standards for wall frost-proof wall hydrants. These wall frost-proof wall hydrants shall be freeze-resistant, automatic draining, and contain an integral permanent device to prevent backflow and backpressure. The “A” in the ASSE 1019-A focuses specifically on devices that prevent back-siphonage and backpressure and have at least two mechanisms (including a check valve) to avoid and relieve backpressure. The hose must be removed to drain the frost-proof wall hydrant to prevent damage from freezing.

Q: Are all of your products lead-free?

A: Arrowhead Brass products are lead-free, except for the gas and log lighter valves and products. Champion Irrigation products are not lead-free and are not intended to be used for human consumption.

Q: Can I leave a timer on my hose bib or frost-proof wall hydrant?

A: We do not recommend using a hose timer if you have an anti-siphon hose bib or frost-proof wall hydrant. While great for irrigation purposes, Timers require you to leave your hose bib or frost-proof wall hydrant turned on with continuous pressure for long periods of time. Leaving your hose bib or frost-proof wall hydrant open for extended periods is against the ASSE 1019 certification for back-flow prevention mentioned in question #4, and the constant pressure, even if the water is not flowing, will cause damage to the back-flow prevention check valve.

Q: Why does my frost-proof wall hydrant need to have a downward tilt?

A: We recommend installing your frost-proof frost-proof wall hydrant with a downward tilt to help it drain properly and to allow any water remaining in the pipe to flow out towards the outside wall. This will help prevent any freeze damage from the water remaining in the pipe. All of our frost-proof wall hydrants come with a plastic flange that helps create the proper downward tilt, and we are currently updating our design to have the flange built into the frost-proof wall hydrant.

Q: What is Prop 65?

A: The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, commonly known as “Proposition 65”, requires manufacturers to provide warnings on products that may expose end-users to certain levels of chemicals on California’s Proposition 65 list that are deemed harmful for causing cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Even though an Arrowhead Brass product may be found to contain a Proposition 65 listed chemical, it does not mean that the warning is required or that use of the product will cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. All Arrowhead Brass Lead-Free products are certified to NSF/ANSI 372 or 61, which are industry standard certifications for lead-free and safe use with potable water use.

For additional information about Proposition 65, please refer to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Q: Do your products have a warranty?

A: Depending on the product, our warranties begin at a 3-year warranty on products that the original owner purchases. Call our customer service to find out the exact warranty length.