What is the purpose of most water valves out there? Well, they are simply used to restrict water flow through pipes. Water valves also come in a variety of styles for how and where they’re used in your home. 

  1. Stop and Waste Valve
    • These are the most common valves used for general and residential plumbing. They can be found off your main water line between the meter and where your water line enters the house. 
  2. Angle and Straight Stop Valve
    • On an angle stop valve, the outlet is at a 90-degree angle for a supply line that comes from the wall. On a straight stop valve, the inlet and outlet are aligned and are found where the supply line comes through the floor. 
  3. Washing Machine Valve
    • Typically, these are located behind your washing machine. They’re mainly responsible for managing the entry of water into your washing machine.
  4. Ball Valve
    • These valves restrict or allow the passage of fluid in plumbing systems and serve as a shutoff point. In most homes, these can be found by your hot water heater, while some states have them on the exterior of the home. 
  5. Supply Stop Valve
    • Primarily, supply stop valves can be behind your toilet or under your sink, where the water pipe enters the room. These control the water flowing into your household’s plumbing fixtures. 

It can be hard to differentiate between the variety of water valves, but taking some time to get familiar with these key plumbing fixtures can help you better understand their uses and designs. For more detailed information on our Arrowhead Brass lead-free plumbing valves visit Product Portfolios –> Arrowhead Brass!