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AB-1953 Does NOT apply to hose bibbs and frost-proof hydrants

After a complete review of AB-1953 and other new Lead-Free laws, we have concluded that such new Lead-Free laws do NOT apply to hose bibbs and frost-proof hydrants.

Therefore, Champion-Arrowhead hose bibbs and frost-proof hydrants are made with brass having an amount of lead that complies with ALL laws and regulations in force within the State of California and any other state.

Click here for a copy of the Regulatory Review conducted by Champion-Arrowhead.


Champion-Arrowhead - Arrow-Breaker Products

More Information on Arrow-Breaker Technology

Champion-Arrowhead manufactures quality irrigation and plumbing products in the United States. We have introduced over 200 new products within the last 2 years and significantly changed the way we support our customers. Our focus is to continue our rich tradition of new high-quality and high-reliability products.

Champion-Arrowhead LLC announces the release of a new Arrowhead Price List for 2010. This new price list is effective February 1, 2010 and only for Arrowhead plumbing products. The new price list includes New Products and Lead Free Products.

Champion-Arrowhead is the only company in the industry to back ALL of its products with a 3 year warranty.

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Founded in 1936

Founded in 1937

Champion-Arrowhead Innovations Include:

  • Arrow-Breaker - Built-in anti-siphon technology that won the Irrigation Association 2007 Best New Product award.
  • Shark-Bite Connectors - Integrated on our frost-free hydrants to improve productivity of contractors.
  • Irrigation Controller - A modular design with 6-15 stations makes our controller the most cost effective in the marketplace.
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