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Arrowhead Brass has provided contractors with high quality, high reliability, "Made-In-USA" products for over 75 years. We believe that improving a contractor's productivity and reducing call backs are one of our major objectives. While the majority of products containing the Arrowhead Brand are made in the USA, a few items as well as some minor components are imported.

Arrowhead Brass released a new informational video for its Arrow-Breaker® line of Hose Bibs and Frost Proof faucets with “Built-In” vacuum breaker. The short 5-minute video emphasizes the importance of back-flow prevention, cross-connection practices and protection of the general water supply. Click here to view the video now.


Arrowhead Brass & PlumbingLLC announces the release of a new Arrowhead Price List for 2014 and a New Catalog. This new price list is effective May 5, 2014. Arrowhead Brass and Plumbing Price List and Product Catalog The new price list contains New Products including:

  • 470 series FREEZE-PROOF Wall Hydrants: Prevents bursting copper pipes from freezing water. See pages 24 & 25 of the Catalog for information.
  • Dual Handle Hose Bibs: Combines a traditional model hose bib with the “LK” Loose Key & Lock-Shield design that prevents use without the key. Product comes with a handle & screw attached to the square stem that can be removed to change the valve into a Loose Key model.

Arrowhead has residential, retail and commercial products. We have just introduced a new series of merchandising programs that help both retailers and distributors with front of the counter displays realize higher turns. Call us about our new program.


Featured New Product

Champion-Arrowhead, LLC - Double-Arrow Frost-Proof Hydrants and BoxesDouble-Arrow Double Check Frost-Proof Hydrants

The Double-Arrow is a frost-proof wall hydrant with two integral yet independently operating check valves assembled in tandem to provide backflow protection. The hydrant meets the new Lead-Free regulations and meets ASSE 1052 and ASSE 1053 requirements.

Champion-Arrowhead, LLC - Arrow-Breaker Garden Valve

Arrow-Breaker® Garden Valve

New line of Garden Valves with nested threads that allows one part to accommodate either 1/2" or 3/4" inlet pipe. Available with built-in vacuum breaker.


Other new products like Arrow-Breaker, and our Sanitary Hydrant provide significant innovations to our customers. We have changed all of our products to an EPDM O-Ringseat, providing significantly improved performance in high levels of chlorine.

Last but not least is the introduction of the Shark Bite to our Frost Free hydrants. When coupled with the Arrow-Breaker, Arrowhead customers can offer a product that is unparalleled.

All of this backed by our 3 year warranty,the only one in the industry.3 year warranty on Arrowhead Brass products

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